PHP post requests

I didn’t really know where to put this, but…

I don’t know if it’s a setting I have on my side that prevents it, but, when I send get requests everything works as it should, when I send post requests it returns 404 error. It happened on the opening/introductory page and all of the exercise pages that dealt with post requests. Not a big deal, as I generally know what I’m doing and I also have blue checkmars on all of the tasks. However, I would imagine a new learner would be frustrated by the errors.


This happens on the codecademy browser next to the editor, on the PHP validation form exercise, I have sent a bug report to codecademy team about this.


Hi! I figured out the problem, which I believe we were both having. I never heard back from Codecademy support, but I happened across the solution last night. By any chance, do you have the XAMPP apache server running inadvertently? Even though XAMPP wasn’t open for me, my apache was still running, so the localhost that Codecademy was using was being interfered with by XAMPP. Turning off the server fixed my problem. I hope this helps!

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