PHP not working

I try to access the PHP lesson but it is not working

That is the old learning environment, so its no longer supported. The php course is no longer maintained, and i would recommend against taking the course

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Thanks for the update

You can read the whole story about PHP Sunset on Codecademy.

We still encourage you to take a look to other programming languages offered in this site, like Ruby, Python, Java, etc.

Also there are other learning platforms to learn PHP like Coursera, Udemy, SoloLearn which can be either free or premium courses.

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But the PHP course consist of free-content only so far i know, what did you pay for then?

check here:

to see who you need to contact


Did something change recently? I know it was being phased out and was not recommended for use but I was really enjoying it and had made it about halfway through. As of this week though I seem to be stuck on a terminal load screen.

Learning php for work and other languages are not an option. I really enjoyed your course.

no, nothing changes recently. PHP is still phased out.

Yep, bugs can occur, if you really need to learn PHP, i would recommend finding another learning source

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