PHP not in courses list?


Is the PHP course new? I keep having issues with the PHP course:

When I complete a PHP lesson, and I click on “Next,” there is no way back to the PHP course without either using Google or the back button and then “continue.”

It is also not listen in my personal “courses” menu (where it shows your progress in all the languages that you’re learning).

PHP also always has 1% progress overall, as does all of its completed courses.

Even here, when posting, PHP was not listen under “Select a Category…”

Mainly, my question/statement is: I’d like to be able to continue working on PHP after clicking on “next” but it does not let me and I think it is a bug that needs fixing.


The course was removed, few months now i guess

This was announced through as many channels as possible, then there are also several forum topics about this is as well


Oh, I’m actually doing the course right now. Or, I was until it wouldn’t let me get past the round() tutorial.


okay, well the access is obscured, and over time it will be removed


Will a PHP course return to codeacademy? Or is it now included as part of the HTML course or something?


Given it was the least taken course, its very unlikely to return any time soon. If the time comes for PHP to be returned, it will be announced (blog is a possible place this announcement would be made)