PHP..... mysqli_stmt_get_result doesn't exist

Newbie here…

Attempting to learn PHP (procedural for now) by using some youtube videos. All is gone well until we got into the topic of using prepared statements with mysqli. All of the mysqli functions used by the instructor work, except for mysqli_stmt_get_result().

When I run $checkit = function_exists(‘mysqli_stmt_get_result’); it returns a 0 which means it doesn’t exist. How can all of the others exist/work and this one be missing?

Local host is MAMP3.2.2 and MAMP PHP tab under preferences states 7.0.9. My localhost/phpmyadmin states it is

Here are the other sqli functions which work just fine…

mysqli_stmt_init() – works
mysqli_stmt_bind_param() — works
mysqli_stmt_execute() — works
mysqli_fetch_assoc() — works