PHP link in catalog?

Is there a PHP course link in the catalog? I could only find it via google.

The course is being sunsetted for a number of reasons, one being that the PHP was perhaps out of date, and more importantly, another one being the license on the learning platform, something to do with a new owner, Udacity, if I’m not mistaken.

One cannot say how long the existing material will remain, so don’t doddle going through it. If you run into SCT issues, the forum is loaded with suggestions and workarounds.

When you get to the Loops section, auto-refresh is going to frustrate you so at the start of every lesson, paste this in,

<?php else ?>

That will force a parse error and shut down the auto-refresh. Write the code solution for the lesson, and remove that line when ready to test. Cut it, so you paste on the next lesson.


ok thanks for the update.

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