PHP isn't working on any browser


I can't get PHP to work on any browser on my computer

The code is running correctly but i can't move on

it also keeps crashing

A friend of mine, who used to code for a living, can't see anything wrong with it


is it the do while loops? I am getting the same error. it keeps crashing and asking me to close browser and reload. I think that section may be buggy :frowning:

my code is:

$loopCond = false;
do {
echo "

The loop ran even though the loop condition is false.

} while ($loopCond = true);
echo "

Now the loop is done running.


for some reason the editor is removing the < p > in my code here :confused:


No. It's everything.The while loops are just giving me more trouble


So it's still not working. I gave up a month ago hoping that code academy would fix it, I've done three other computer programs waiting for this to be fixed. I would like to finish this program.


I have the same problem. The following message appears, when the page is loading. But, I did not write any code. :frowning:

"The program took too long to finish. Check your code for infinite loops and try again"


while (x = true)? You may consider while (x == true)


I'm having the same problem.. can they please fix this.... :disappointed_relieved:


Also having similar problems... can't continue the course because it's stuck up on one of the lessons.