PHP - Functions - 1st Part


Hi everyone,

here is the is the issue: I have writing this code:

$monprenom = 'Ludovic';
$lalettre = 'Z';
$pos = strpos($monprenom, $lalettre);

if ($pos === false) {
echo " La Lettre '$lalettre' NE se trouve PAS dans le prenom $monprenom";
else {
echo " Bravo! La lettre '$lalettre' a été trouvée dans le prenom $monprenom a la $pos eme position";


Works just fine. Then, when checking out, the system asks me to input a sentence in case the letter is not in the name. Then, if i choose a letter that is in the name, the system blocks because i apparently the code should bring a number of the location of the letter in the name. Seems it works as well :frowning:

Anyone has face this bug as well?

Thanks for your help.