Php doesn't work

why when I open my php file in the web browser, php codes are not working ? it just display as in the text editor :thinking:

PHP is a server side language. It is interpreted on the webserver. The server then delivers the page as html, css and Javascript to the client (browser). If you want to run it on your computer, you need a local host. That can be set up with tools like XAMPP, MAMP or dockers.

thank you man, is jQuery too a server side language ? it doesn’t work too

JQuery isn’t a language at all. It is a library for JavaScript. JavaScript is a client side language. That runs in a browser. If your JQuery code doesn’t run it means that either you haven’t installed the library correctly or the code itself is broken.

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I downloaded a compressed jQuery file, and then put my jQuery codes inside the script tags but nothing works

I suggest that you post that as a new topic in the Javascript/JQuery category. Add your code (properly formatted, please).
It may be an issue of order: If your JQuery/JS code runs before your html is loaded, it doesn’t find the elements you’re referencing. But that’s not more than a guess without seeing the code.