Php courses keep loading (crashing)


My lessons keep crashing. It started from loops (as you could guess), I went through it a hundred times, and it's not working. But ok, I decided to go through other lesson that doesn't have anything with loop (first lesson from functions) and it's crashing too. Please help me with that. I want to go through the whole php course.


Try refreshing the browser window, if that fails log out and back in.
I see it all the time and those work for me.


same here! for every lesson it crashes!


I think this issue is related to how the compiler tries to parse your code as you're writing it. In the loops lesson it mentions that an infinite loop will cause you to have to reload the page. I think there are a few errors that cause you to have to reload the page and, for me at least, I keep getting them in the middle of typing a line of code. To avoid it, I have to write the line as a comment (prefix it with //), type the line as I intend it, then remove the //. It's annoying and I think they should turn off the constant code parsing for this lesson, if possible.