PHP course

Can I learn full PHP course as a free user? I can’t find PHP course, only CSS, PYTHON and RUBY…what am I doing wrong?

the PHP course has sunset, it was the least taken course by a long shot.

If you really want to learn PHP, i highly recommend finding a different learning platform

I want to learn basics, I already go on a real classes of php in my country, but I don’t understand all so I want to get extra knowledge…I found it…thanks

Using additional online resources is a good idea, just don’t use codecademy. The course is no longer supported, and could be removed tomorrow. There is a reason its not featured on the main site

Ok, then Im learning it all d night, while its still available x)

That is not the point, you shouldn’t take the course at all. Its bugged, and pretty badly too. Its a waste of time to take that course, with outdated practices and so on

Hello @neiskusnidjecak,

You should follow stetim94 advise of not taking the course since it is buggy and out of maintenance (PHP 5). There are huge ammount of other learning platform if you want a PHP course (fresh and updated to PHP 7) with good programming practices and such stuff.

I would recommend learning another language (alongside PHP of course) in order to help you gain experience on this field, like Ruby, JS, Java or Python as example (which are featured on Codecademy). If you have any doubt about which one, just ask us in this topic.


Yeah, I see that…thanks…ill start python, its interesting