PHP Course Won't Load


Hello, I am looking to make Minecraft plugins and I need PHP. Anyways it wont load. Here is the error message I get. Anyway to fix this?

Thank you!!


The php course is obsolete, so if you really need PHP, you need to find another source to learn PHP


Oh okay. What do you reccomend learning then? I want to make plugins for my Minecraft server.


Where did you read that you need PHP? I know that minecraft is written in Java, and some googling, the only language i stumble upon is Java, no PHP anywhere


I thought Minecraft Pocket edition plugins needed PHP… Atleast I thought. Here are the public ones.
I am kind of new to this. I thought that was PHP… Maybe not though. What do you recommend learning?


Yes, that is PHP, but i didn’t know i had to google for pocket editions plugins.

In that case, you need to find another website which can teach you PHP because codecademy is no longer offering PHP


Oh I am sorry. Next time I will make it more clear. Sounds good. Thanks!! Btw should I use Atom?


Atom is a good editor, certainly possible to use atom


Thank you! Its hard becuase not many people make MCPE servers, everyone just plays them. So its you know it or not xD
Anyways thanks for the help!