PHP course super buggy --> constantly need to refresh


So I've been trying to do the PHP course and I constantly (4 out of 5 times) need to refresh the page, because the submit button won't finish (as in, the gear keeps spinning forever). Any fixes, it's terribly annoying, seeing as refreshing the page does not always do the trick..

I'm on Chrome, adblockers are disabled and I have already wiped cookies and cache.


I ran into the same issue and never really found a work around. If I left the course and went back in it would usually work for a little while before acting up again.


Thanks. I'll try some more refreshing, then. I wish the codecademy staff would fix it, tho. It really breaks up your flow of learning. :frowning:


It really does! and I had a lot of times where I would refresh or exit out of the course and reenter and some of my code would be missing. Really frustrating.


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