PHP course keeps crashing



I'm almost at the halfway point of the PHP course and it keeps crashing with the "Something went wrong :frowning: Click close to try again or refresh the page." error. No difference after a page refresh or even when I try refresh the code it doesn't reset properly. Is anyone else having the same problems?


This is problematic for sure!

We're trying to get this course fixed so constant crashes will be a thing of the past, however until then, could you try a couple things for me to see if we can't get you on your way?

  1. Comment out all of your code until it's finished, then uncomment it all from top-bottom.

  2. Close, then reopen your browser completely and reset your code as soon as you get into the lesson before it has time to process your code, and follow number 1, above.

  3. Put your browser into "incognito mode", or similarly using "inPrivate Browsing" on Internet Explorer. This will allow you to finish the lesson, then undo the incognito mode when you've completed the lesson, then save and submit your code.

If none of this works then try following this page here!


Sure, I'll go through those steps now. Thanks for your reply.


Cheers for that. Option 3 worked, I just switched browsers (Chrome to Firefox) and used incognito mode but it took a few attempts because of it crashing before I had a chance to Save & Submit. Thanks again, I can now progress further. although, somehow I don't think I'll see the last of it happening because it occurred numerous times also in previous modules.


This is only a real problem whenever there's a for loop. But at least we found an option for you so in case this happens again you'll know what to do!

We're doing our best to fix the error, but it may take some time for any changes to come into effect.


I sure hope you are fixing it :smile:


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