PHP course is not saved in my profile

Hello everybody,
I started the 4hour Beginner PHP course – is there a way how can I have it saved in my profile, so don’t have to open it from link every time?!

Also, even when I finish all exercises in “Control Flow: Switch”, there’s still 1%.

Does anyone know what to do with it?
Thank you very much, the course is really helpful!

the PHP course is no longer supported, i advise against taking the course, its PHP5 (heavily outdated)

If you really want to learn PHP, i recommend finding a better learning source.

thanks @stetim94! my intention is to learn Kirby, that’s why I started with basics ofPHP. Should I find a PHP7 course then?

Or at least a PHP course which is supported, and not outdated and full of bugs like the codecademy one

@stetim94 alright. if you have any recommendation for a platform i can start with, it will help me a ton! thank you!