PHP course is frustratingly bugg!


I was thinking about paying for the full stack course but I noticed the php course is incredibly buggy. It's super annoying!!!!!! Does anyone know of any alternatives to code academy? I'd be highly upset if I purchased the paid plan and had to deal with this many bugs in other courses. Git and command line worked just fine. I'm pissed.


I know what you're talking about. The thing is, PHP needs to be executed on a webserver like Apache and so. The request takes longer than on your local PC with a webserver. Because codecademyinstance sends code to the server, the server compiles and runs the code sends the answer back and codecademyinstance receives it and has to display it and so on. It gets pretty annoying when you wait a long time and you only get errors. You cant change much about it, but sometimes if you refresh the webpage the answer will be displayed sometimes faster :wink:.


I can only agree. JS, CSS, HTML all worked much much better. PHP is almost unusable. I don't think we're the only ones who ran into this.


I'm using Team TreeHouse now. I like it better and they have videos as well. And the PHP lesson works! It just works! I'm using the paid version, $25/month.


@bakershoemaker- I agree! It has been frustrating getting through this course.

I really like codeschool, I believe it is $29/mo.

Codeschool has a a wider variety of courses, and video tutorials, followed by course challenges. In the tutorials they show how to do certain things in different ways, and some ways are better than others. Really when learning at codeschool, they are also teaching "best practices" at the same time.