PHP course is a NIGHTMARE full of BUGS


Sorry folks, you better put it down to maintenance because it's insufferable


Tell us what's happening, don't just say "It's insufferable".


It crashing all the time. It like you can't work. it happens when your writing. It just displays a window saying something like "Oooppsss something went wrong. Please restart your window"...

It happened to me at the start of the course and then it stopped and now Im doing while loops and it's crashing like crazy. Can you please fix this so that we can continues learning without constantly reloading page?

Many thanks


It crashes at doing loops for me too. I cannot continue right now.


I have been having the same issue. For the past couple weeks I have been using workarounds to try and get ANYWHERE, but issues with the loops make the PHP course almost unusable.

Here is the code I started to use on lesson 3 of the While Loops course:
12: $synths("unforgiven", 1);
13: while($synths[1] == "unforgiven"){
15: echo "Lord forgive me for my synths.";
17: echo " YOU ARE FORGIVEN !";
18: $synths = "forgiven"
19: }

This would give an error like "Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ';' on line 12" or "Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '}' on line 19" and I am pretty sure that the syntax would have been correct in both instances.


Welcome to PHP, friend.


Ah, so this is an issue with the language itself and not because I am screwing up or the website is screwing up?

Were you able to get past this exercise?


This is an issue with Codecademy, not PHP.


Your lesson on "For Loops" will not let anybody get past the "Writing Your First 'For' Loop".
I am still stuck at 28% because of this:

// Write your for loop below!
for ($i = 0; $i < 101; $i++) {
echo $i;

Whenever I change for(£i = 0; $i = 101; $i++) { to for($i = 0; $i = 101; $i = $i + 10) {
I get this error message after clicking "Save & Submit": "Something went wrong :frowning:
Click Close to try again or refresh the page."

And this on the output window: "Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_LNUMBER, expecting ')' on line 9 Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_LNUMBER, expecting ')' on line 9".


Note: I have since writing this comment found out that cadecodes has no psoitions of any power within the company Codecademy.

PS: "Tell us what's happening, don't just say "It's insufferable"." ajax Said where the issue was UNDER THE TITLE.
You are a professional company and you did not notice that? YOU PEOPLE DESIGNED THE Q&A FORUM!


"This is an issue with Codecademy, not PHP." And yet you guys uploaded this course WITHOUT DOING A THOROUGH DEBUGGING THAT PREVENTS THE COMPLETION OF AN ENTIRE LESSON!


Same here!

This is madness, I need to skip everything. All the time

All the time! Whatever I do, I can even type just html and its givin me errors.

Proudly made in NYC? Stop eating 1$pizza and fix this pice of...


Sorry :frowning: i just get mad as ■■■■. You made fantastic software to learn... I woudn't do it better :frowning: I just wanna learn loops! Im hungry of loops knowledge!


I'm not Codecademy, calm down. I'm just someone who learns here.


Alright. Do you know the usernames of moderators?


If you are having trouble with Codecademy, try Khancademy, YouTube or a variety of books.


I do of course, but I will spare them your childish rage.


I was trying to place emphasis my frustration with a clearly bugged system.
Also, if you will not tell me the names of the moderators I can find them manually.


I think you miss the point why it actually crashes. If you create an infinite loop, the page can't handle it. If you type something like

$Condition = true
while ($Condition = true) {
echo "



You create an infinite loop, which would probably hinder the servers. Displaying that message is Codecademies way of saying "Hey, what you just did is wrong sorry bro!"

A solution to this (which I used myself, because I as well have had this message quite a lot of times) is to fix your code (remove the infinite loop), copy all of it and paste it again after you refresh the page. You "skip" the phase were you accidentally create an infinite loop and, if everything went well, you can go on to the next lesson.


This worked for the part of the lesson.