PHP Course error

Hello guys, I just wanted to know if anyone encountered the same issue as me. Everytime I echo an array in PHP exercices and run the code, the output matches perfectly what is asked. I even did “Get solution”, copied the code, reset the exercices and pasted the code and it will keep saying “Your code is causing an error. Double check your spelling and syntax.”. Please does anyone know how to fix this ?


Hi this might be a bug, please give me the lesson and exercise you’re on so I can try and reproduce the same and I’ll let report the bug to the CC Team. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes, I am also experiencing the exact same thing.

Lessons: Conditionals and Logic in PHP

To be precise whenever there are instructions as: ‘invoke your functions two times or three times using different values’ it is throwing the error.


Hello, and welcome to Codecademy @agfr :slightly_smiling_face:!

Take and look at the troubleshooting guide !

If your still stuck, go here:

I hope this helps =)