PHP course can't be found

Hello there,

I was doing the PHP course but when I log in, it seems to have disappeared. I can’t do nor find the course. When I’m logged off, i can see it again. Is this a bug and if yes, how do I solve it?

Thanks in advance!

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It was announced months in advance that the PHP course would be removed, this announcement was made through as many channels as possible


Hi there.
I was learning php last couple days. Yesterday morning I was doing the cours online, but in the afternoon couldn’t find it anymore. Is that because i have had a free “preview?” In order to continue learning the php do I have to subscribe to pro and make a payment?

Please help.
A nice place to learn and practice php where can I find?

Any suggestions?

Thanks a lot.


which bit of PHP course removed (deleted then?) do you not understand? The course no longer exist. It has nothing to do with free preview/pro