PHP Code Runner Software

I am looking for a installable software that works just like a codecademy’s exercise interface. I have tried 1-2 but they require wampp or xampp installation.

Can you suggest any software like write code, execute and see result (or error warning)?

Hello! I know of an online code editor called repl, which is very similar to CC’s editor.

its important to distinguish the different components of your back-end. Xampp bundles several things, including a webserver (apache) en a datbase (mysql).

Writing the code can be done in any text-editor or IDE. The tricky thing is to execute the code.

Given php specific purpose (website back-end only), its is a bit of a step to understand all the different components.

@codeneutrino thanks for the suggestion. However that is an online tool and i had been looking for an installable software.

I found one PHP Coder, it requires wampp or xampp. not at all an advanced ide like netbeans. but does that job.

the GUI of that application looks at least a decade old

If you already went through the trouble of installing xampp, you can easily use any text-editor or IDE of your choice.