Php based b2b responsive site



I have a script developed in php, html, css and java. It is non-responsive. I want to convert it to a responsive website. Is there any free tool or software
or step by step guide to do it? I was wondering if there is a place where I can import my existing template, apply bootstrap with one click and export. It is an open source script and can be downlaoded from


You could learn bootstrap to make it responsive, yes. You can't just click and bootstrap makes your website responsive, that is not how it works, if you want that, go find a template that is already responsive.

Are you sure you wrote in java and not javascript? is not online


Thank you for your answer.

This is the download link If you go to the folder static/scripts it has .js files. I do not know what it means


sure you are not trying to do something which for now is out of your reach? .js files are just javascript files, they can do so many different things


so you mean making changes to .js files only will make the site responsive? Currently the website is non-responsive


now, you need to changes to the css file to make the website responsive, or if you bootstrap to the html file. i simple explained what the js files where, since you said you didn't know