PHP advanced level

I could not find category for PHP language, sorry in advance because I write in this category.

I passed a PHP course for beginner level, so i wounder if there will be an advance level course in PHP language, or if it exists, can someone please pass me link so I can continue. I can not find what I’m looking for…

Sorry again, cause I miss a category, administrators please move it in a right place!


Current support for PHP courses is limited as they are sunsetting. Future PHP courses may appear somewhere down the line but in the meantime it falls to you to continue seeking elsewhere for tutorials and other resources.

REPL.IT has a classroom with a large variety of contributors. I cannot say for sure, but there may be a module or two for PHP. Worth checking out. You will need to be a registered user to take the classes. No badges or points. Just `Completed’…

Hello @andrijad,

As mtf suggested, you could find another learning platform (Coursera, Udemy, edX, etc) in order to keep learning the advanced stuff of php. Meanwhile, you can take any other programming language course available at Codecademy, give it a try!