Php 3/7 advanced arrays pass with error


        // This is an array using integers as the indices.
        // Add 'BMW' as the last element in the array!
        $car = array(2012, 'blue', 5, 'BMW');

        // This is an associative array.
        // Add the make => 'BMW' key/value pair!
        $assocCar = array('year' => 2012,
                   'colour' => 'blue',
                   'doors' => 5);
                   'make' => 'BMW';
        // This code should output "BMW"...
        echo $car[3];
        echo '<br />';
        // ...and so should this!
        echo $assocCar['make'];
whats up with this code? i get an error


You closed the bracket at the doors line.


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