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The editor shows that there is a file there but you can never actually see the image. I am right clicking and copying the link address from photos that I want to use, including free stock photos. Can someone tell me how I can copy the photos so that they appear in the editor?

I have used the image URLs provided in other exercises and the images have appeared no problem. However, when I attach a link to them and I click the image I dont actually get taken to the linked website. Is this a problem with my code or does the editor just not allow that?


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For this exercise it is more important that we get the mechanics than create a production page. Use the images supplied by Codecademy, even if they repeat. This will see you complete the exercise with relative ease.

When linking to images on other websites consider that we do not have permission to hot link to their images. They may not be allowing the image to be downloaded by a different domain.

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