Photobucket 3rd party hosting


Photobucket 3rd Party Hosting & missing Mario Sprite Graphic!sgkn0J7A!z5ER9mtoN6LbjHwsritxuW46WiS9MYL1TtD_Qps_x-U

Hey. I just wanted to point out that during these lessons the photobucket 3rd party hosting appeared a lot in the background. It points to Dont know if its client (my) side or server (your) side. I guess it's connected to every time a user like me changes code, the preview window fetches the graphic again (thus leading to many many requests to photobucket to fetch the graphic again). I included a link ( of a screenshot i took of how it looks. And I also cant see the mario graphic from the lesson i linked to (in the past the photobucket graphic was shown behind the fetched graphic, like in the Krypton lesson right before, it still showed the krypton planet in front of this photobucket 3rd party hosting)

Sorry for the long post


Truth be told, it's neither client nor server side. It's photobucket's.



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