Phaser Game Dev Capstone- Why doesn't this tween work?

I’m working on the Capstone Project for the Phaser module:

On step 13, it tells me to make a tween to move the customers. Everything has worked as expected up to this point, but the tween never loads. Here is what I have. Am I doing something wrong?

update() {
    if (gameState.readyForNextOrder) {
      gameState.readyForNextOrder = false;
      gameState.customerIsReady = false;
    gameState.currentCustomer = gameState.customers.children.entries[gameState.customersServedCount];
      targets: gameState.currentCustomer,
      x: gameState.player.x,
      ease: 'Power2',
      duration: 1000,
      delay: 100,
      angle: 90,

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