Phantom behavior in exercises

This happens to me at least one out of every five exercises, so I looked through to see if his happening to anyone else.

It is not an error, but a lack of safe guards. Example, I wrote out code then my int conx went out b4 I could run and I went back to an empty console.

This is just one of many ways in which I loose code.

Also when the browser kicks me back accidentally, which is a stupid glitch in the browsers, but still. CA should be saving the code as we go so that it does not get erased. No matter how we leave a page.

After trying out the new JavaScript course, I can confirm that this issue is coming up with some frequency. Click Run and the code we just entered disappears.

Workaround? Copy the code before clicking Run. If it gets wiped, just paste back in and try again.

While copying one’s code, or text in any form for that matter, is just good life practice, this does not make up for the fact that one does not, and should not have to do this.

While I try to copy my code to the clipboard, and have been saved my my efforts on occasion, more times than not I do not have the chance to copy my code. If it were that simple, I would not have posted about the error.

The fact is that it should not be deleted. Yahoo mail used to delete everything if U left the page, but abandoned the practice years ago now, and in the case that it might erase, it give U a warning that U must “okay” before it will delete your text. These are the safety features that CA should have IMO.

It save the text in this complier for this forum excellently. 100% better than it does for the actual exercises.

I’m new here and just starting the HTML lessons. I have the disappearing code problem in almost every single lesson. I have been copying the entire code before clicking “run”, but forget to do so from time to time - really quite frustrating. All in all, I love the site and it’s capabilities! I just wish this one frustrating tid-bit would be resolved.

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That bugs me too. Make sure you keep using the in-exercise bug reporting tool to let them know.