Hello Codecademy Community,

My name is Michael and I work for as a server admin and on behalf of PFPWebHosting, we're answering as much questions you can ask us in relation to scripting, server's programming and set up. Bare in mind we do not provide help to third party hosting service and we want no access to any of the system that one may use unless it is within our service.

My skills will be put to your disposition professionally which oblige me to respect the PFPWebHosting policies in providing help to third party services. The reason we joined is to promote our services and to let you know we provide the help you need, we also have a site building service where our experts will build your site according to what you want and not what we can do.

I am not allowed to provide jobs that I have done since it was all done under PFPWebHosting and again our terms and privacy policy does not allow us to share work that may provide the identity of a person or a business without their consent.

Feel free to contact me or call our services for help, again for our service to help you don't forget to provide your customer number and code pin.

Michael H. Johnson

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