Petal power inventory project

Hey. I don’t know what you are looking for. But if it’s about the code not working, then its because

product_request = staten_island.product_description

will not give you the output.

product_request = staten_island[‘product_description’]

If this wasn’t the issue, please reply with the issue and I’ll try my best to help if I can.

Hey i just wanted someone to go through my code and tell me if it is okay

I have viewed you code in git I want to know when you have made combine_lambda and assigned value to it then while creating inventory[‘full_description’]

what was the need to again use inventory.apply(lambda x: …, axis=1)

I suggest you that if you are making use of lambda function by pre-assigning lambda values then you should use the assigned value
like the code becomes

inventory[‘full_description’] = inventory.apply(combine_lambda, axis=1)