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Hi :slight_smile:
I’m pretty new to coding and would like to share my first website with you.

It’s completely within the building process and on the one side I would be happy about feedback in general. On the other side I have the following questions:

  1. Why is my h1 " Beautiful& Addictive" smaller then all the h2’s (for example “Get in contact”)?
  2. For layout purposes I used a h2 for the “Christoph Grothe” in the header. I guess I should not do this. However I don’t know which element to choose then. Maybe a div?

Not for sure if anyone has gotten back to you yet or not, I am new to this as well. Your h1 is smaller than your h2 because you have your h1 listed as a

and not as a

. Change that and you will be good to go on that part.


Hey @ewshamp ,
Thanks for answering but I guess you didn’t format your text cause I can’t really read what you want to tell me :wink:

Looks really cool! I’m learning to build websites too but not nearly as far along as you are. Keep it up :slight_smile:

Great Start !!

Design Stylistically:
From context I guess the squares will eventually be clickable??

I like the idea of your quiz to help people narrow down what they want you to build.

Maybe make WE ARE TOMORROW stand a little more prominent against the city background?? I like the main choice of font. You want something with a heavy weight.

Question 2:
I’m not sure I understand… but I think you’re saying you want to do something like this < div>
< h2> Christoph Grothe </ h2>
</ div>

My two cents: Maybe if you have a moment design yourself a quick logo I think a graphic as opposed to plan text might look more snazzy and pro and get you more clients?? Also maybe consider having a top navigation bar where you can highlight things like Take My Quiz…

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For an easy way to format your code, you can use either the code block tag in the text formatting panel, or create an HTML Codebyte!

First of all: Thank you so much for commenting and giving me feedback :slight_smile:

However, second: I have to admit that I felt a bit ashamed when I saw my workspace project was featured within the newsletter: When I published it, I was engaged to let it look as good as possible. Later, I was again working on it and for this reason parts of the website didn’t look good anymore ( cause I was trying to solve a problem and playing around). And at this point, a lot of people see it cause of the newspaper :sweat_smile: Does anybody know what I mean? And how to deal with it?

@meadowlark25 Thanks :slight_smile: However I was quit surprised reading your comment cause I’m also a total beginner :wink:

@ngwolfhare Thank you so much for your feedback :slight_smile:
Yes, the squares will be clickable :slight_smile:
The “We are tomorrow” and the city background is exactely what I meant with what I wrote at the beginning :sweat_smile: :see_no_evil:

Question 2: Almost…I thought maybe I should use <div class="fontstyle">Christoph Grothe</div> instead of using the <h2> cause on MDN I read you should’nt use <h> elements only for styling purposes.

Your ideas: I wanted to carry out your logo suggestion, however the next problem followed. Maybe you can help :wink: ?

@zoe.bachman Thanks for the formating-hint :slight_smile:

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