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Hey! I would appreciate some help with Javascript and choosing a blog service for Visual Studio Code.

Hey there! I don’t know that I personally can help you much, but you might be more likely to get an answer if you can add some context. Like what stack are you wanting to use? Are you planning on building it from scratch? (I’m guessing so since you mention JS)
Do you have preferences on what server library you want to use? Or who you’re gonna use to host? I suppose you might be able to find just a JS library that would help with all this, but it might be good to have some more context :slightly_smiling_face:

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I am planning on building the website myself by connecting the front and back end using PHP. For Javascript I don’t want to link images or videos using HTML, instead I want to use JS. My website is a blog and I can’t figure out how to install wordpress to a local directory since I don’t have a php, apache, or mysql server. As for host I don’t have one—It is stored on my computer, for now at least. I am planning on using Namecheap.