Personal projects now turned into a learning resource for others

Hi Everyone,
I’ve pushed extremely hard to develop my web dev skills over these quarantine months and feel like I have been hitting a wall with actually using what I’ve built for job prospects… So- I’ve decided to translate my work as a learner to help others learn React and have distilled what I understand as the basics in a tutorial video so maybe someone can take it to the next level. Feedback is welcome :pray: Getting Started With React

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Hey man! That’s awesome! You’re quite good at teaching as well! I’ve completed the React bit, but I don’t really enjoy front-end dev, got to say that you inspired me a bit.

Thanks dude, I’m glad that I have inspired someone to give it a go- that’s exactly one of the things I was hoping for and I hope you take it to the next level! If I can wrap my mind around this stuff I think you’ve got it too (especially if you code already). For the front end styling I use Bootstrap and at some point I’ll add a video to this one about Flux architecture which actually makes it pretty strait forward to implement new features; though the setup is long and can be confusing. FYI I learned how to do this all via the Coursera full stack React course from Hong Kong University. I highly recommend the course if you like their interface and if you are like me and can move through the content quickly then you can complete the course without having to spend too much money over multiple months. Best of luck!