Personal Projects: Feedback

Hi everyone,
I’ve already learned HTML and CSS elsewhere. Here at Codecademy I’ve finished Learn HTML course and have just started Learn CSS. At the moment these are my projects with only HTML and CSS:

Please give me your feedback on them. Thanks in advance. :grinning:

They both look great, well done! :tada: :

There’s a couple bits of feedback I’d give:

  • You don’t have a <!doctype html>, <html> or <body> tag on either of the projects. While it may not be strictly required on codepen to gain the desired output, it’s good practise to use them regardless as they would be required for any other projects you may do (for example off-platform or on another editor).
  • You’ve used semantic tags really well on both projects, which is great for accessability, good job :clap:!
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Thanks for the feedback @lyallstewart, I’ll keep that in mind. :grinning:

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