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Hi everyone, I’m Cat! I’m a healthcare data Analyst, learning front-end software engineering.
:open_book: Multi-Page Layout - Organized layout across multiple pages for an intuitive experience.

:art: Styled with React-Bootstrap and CSS - Easily customizable colors to match your style.

:iphone: Responsive Design - Looks great on both mobile and desktop devices.
I’m new to this filed and would like to make new friends on the road!
I’m also new to github and if we can mutual follow each other that would be great!

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hello good job on your first portfolio and very well enter in this journey of software but there is a couple this on your portfolio

  • You must fix the accessebility of the page

  • Try to ajust the colors of your page use this page to selec the colors that you want to include in your portfolio [link to colors](

  • Try to improve your github readme is great to get into this journey

everything is good happy coding !!

Thank you very much for your help!

i trying to find you in linked in but i couldn’t, could you please send the link?

Thank you very much!
I lost my previous school email and lost my previous linkedin.
This is my new linkedin I just created:

Ok i send you to connect thank you very much