Personal Project - Poke That

Based on pokemon world and with data from PokeAPI, here is my Poke That project.
You can view the 151 first generation pokemons and add them to your favorite list.
Also you can go in the Wild and try to catch them. But be careful, dont get without stamina or pokeballs.

If you feel it interesting, try it, and give me feedback.
You have to register and log in (you can just put some fake email and name).

check it here:

github: GitHub - affmde/pokedex

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After logging and playing around i think this is a totally cool project! One thing I would add is a “scroll back to top” button on the search pokemon page. And, maybe instead of the notification of not getting any pokemon that time around a card that said no pokemon this time, or something of that sort that is not on the top of the page.
Such a cool experience

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Hi anjaniquemackey60451!
Thanks for trying the project and the feedback.
These are actually pretty nice ideas to improvement. When i finish my current project i will try to add that to the app and see how it works.
Thanks again for the reply. Its pretty important for me to get feedback, since im just start learning web dev alone from 0 and want to improve more and more

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