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Hi Guys I created a personal projects I named “Task Reminder” its the basic html, jquery stuff that records and saves notes regarding tasks I have with some function like update functions and later one maybe some reminder that sends SMS or email or messages in messenger about my task but for now recording a tasks notes and updates is the priority and my version 1. I created it with the help of chat gpt the problem is I hit a roadblocked with some of the functions which is the update functions. Now, my questions is, is it ok to post here my github repo to ask for some help on the issue of my personal project? TIA

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Title: Utilizing ChatGPT to Learn Computer Vision Techniques for Cell Analysis Research

I wanted to share how helpful ChatGPT was in assisting my learning of computer vision techniques relevant to my research on cell image analysis. Specifically, I prompted ChatGPT to provide a tutorial on the Histogram of Oriented Gradients (HOG) technique.

ChatGPT walked me through an excellent step-by-step tutorial covering:

  • Key details on HOG and its authors
  • Use cases of HOG in computer vision
  • Relevancy of HOG for cell identification and counting
  • Implementation guidance for HOG using Python libraries
  • Combining HOG with other techniques like color features and deep learning

The conversational nature of ChatGPT made the learning experience highly interactive. I was able to ask several follow-up questions to go deeper into aspects like how HOG was conceived, applications in biology, and recommendations on complementary techniques.

Overall, ChatGPT provided a customized tutorial that helped me significantly in deciding to learn HOG for my research. The summary on its benefits and implementation tips will be invaluable as I test out HOG on cell microscopy images. I’m glad I used ChatGPT’s knowledge capabilities in an impactful way for my project. I would highly recommend fellow researchers try ChatGPT to learn complex techniques!

Let me know if you have any other questions on my experience. I’m happy to share more details.

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This is very informative. Thank you very much for sharing.