Personal Portfolio

This personal portfolio project was challenging because I had to take a break in-between starting and finishing it.

I took CS50 online part way between starting this project and ending it. I learned about using bootstrap to create websites in CS50 but I didn’t use it in this project because I wanted to try writing out the javascript and css myself.

I think overall it took about a week of working on it, but I took about a year off so it’s hard to know exactly how many work hours were put into creating the site.

Here is the git link: GitHub - eatwanderexplore/portfolio: Codecademy Portfolio website
And the link to preview: Jenny Urias Portfolio

Thanks in advance for any feedback or comments!

Your web development portfolio presents a competent showcase of your skills. The projects you’ve included demonstrate a good understanding of fundamental web technologies and user interface design. While the site’s functionality is commendable, exploring more innovative design elements could further enhance your portfolio’s visual appeal and user engagement. Your proficiency in coding is clear, and with a bit more attention to cutting-edge design trends, your work could truly stand out.