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This is my personal portfolio project. I would actually like some input on how to make it a better ( I know it is not the greatest) Any advice would help!

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Hello @calvinalee2006!!

Congratulations on completing your personal portfolio!! You’ve done an amazing job at it, the webpage looks so great!!

A few things, though:

  • Try using some color!! If you don’t know where, you can find some pre-made color schemes here or create your own scheme here.

  • I love your wall of accomplishments/certificates, but you might want to size all of the screenshots to be the same size.

  • Your contact information is huge compared to the rest of your text. Maybe rescale everything, so it’s of better proportion.

  • Lastly, I think your navigation tabs look awesome (especially the attention to detail by adding the icons), but I think it would look better floated left instead of right.

Congratulations again on completing your portfolio!! :smiley:


Thank you!! I will definitely use your advise to improve my webpage!!

Congrats on completing the project! :partying_face:

A few things to possibly consider:

  • Rather than spelling out the links under your Contact info, maybe use an icon image that will take a viewer to your GitHub profile/repo and LinkedIn page. You can find free image files here:

  • Unless your FB account is business-oriented or professional in nature, don’t include it on a portfolio website. There needs to be a separation between personal/private life and work-life. Any potential employer doesn’t need to know/see where you went on vacation, or who’s birthday party you attended, etc. I say this on here a lot, but I think it’s really important (the separation between the two). The same would go for any socials–Twitter or Instagram too. Only link to them if they are professional accounts.

  • Upon clicking on the links for the left pane menu I get a 404 error.

  • The left pane overshadows the main/center part of the webpage. I’m on a laptop, so, I don’t know if this is a screen resolution thing(?) This is how it appears for me.

  • I like all the certificates but there’s a way to save them as PDFs (see: ) which might be better than screenshots. Maybe also consider uploading some of them to your LinkedIn Profile as professional development. (if you’re so inclined).

  • Perhaps you can organize the certificates into one image and then once a site visitor clicks on the image, then all the certificates show up. I’m not sure if that makes sense b/c I’m not explaining it well enough. :slight_smile:

Hello! @lisalisaj Thank you for your advice! I felt like a lot was missing and I like the notes, this will help me create a better page. Your last comment made perfect sense actually! While I was working on it, I was thinking about inserting another carousel, that way my certificates could be shown one by one. what do you think?, would that be a bit too much?

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That’s the technical word I was looking for: carousel! I like that idea. (but, that’s just my opinion). Try it out and see what you think. Take a random poll of friends/family. :slight_smile:

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