Personal Portfolio

Hi everyone!
This was my first project and I did in a week.
Designs in my portfolio are inspired by pinterest and other resources.
I built with HTML/Css and other libraries.
Here is my `page .

Suggest me what I should fix and learn next.

Thank you !!!


Hi Than Htut Aung,

I’ve just checked your portofolio and that’s very cool, I really like the effects you put and the transition between different parts.

Great job, well done !
I wish I could do something as good as you someday.

Take care,


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This is my initial version of portfolio project but i do intend to improve as i progress further in the project


keep going man , I like your layout and colors-matching

Ya you can do better than me if you study full time just about one month.

And thanks for your comment and can you check again my portfolio , day-night shifter is added and I think you will like it .

Thanks for your comment , take care!

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