Personal Portfolio

Hi everyone, just completed my portfolio project. Would love to hear about everyone’s opinion about it.


I think I covered everything but I am sure there are places I could improve on. Feedback appreciated :slight_smile:

It is a very cool website. I love how the background stays where it is no matter how far you scroll, unlike most other websites where you can’t see the background that good if you scroll.

I like your website: simple, stylish and modern. I particularly like the animation of the buttons. :smiley:

Just one thing, in my pc the link for the resume doesn’t work. I dont’t know if it is because of drive or why… You can check it but in case it’s not working, you can also host the pdf document in your same website, you create a directory called doc and reference it like <a href="./doc/resume.pdf">Resume</a> for example… :slightly_smiling_face: