Personal portfolio - would you like to give me a feedback? :)

This is my project
Would you like to give it a look and let me know your thoughts?
It is not yet very well responsive, but I’ll working on it!

Hello, welcome to the forums! :slight_smile:

Congrats on creating an online portfolio! I like the timeline and the moving words. Although the white font gets lost in the white background towards the bottom of that “about me” section.

Some suggestions:

  • Rather than using the word “Works” swap that out with “Professional Experience”. (what do you think?)

  • The “Tech Skills” part could possibly be divided in two: “Programming” and “Tools”, or something like that. Ex: Programming: Python, SQL, HTML, CSS and Tools: Tableau, Photoshop, Office, G-Suite, etc.

  • It would be neat if when one clicked on Python (or any of the programming languages if it linked to an example of your work in a GitHub repo), something you created/a project. Same with Tableau–if you have some neat Tableau visualizations (on your Public Tableau page) you could link them from here.

  • For those of us changing careers, we have to have a different approach to writing a resume or building an online portfolio. Most articles say to focus on one’s transferrable skills, or, soft skills (like you have on your site) and to showcase your projects.

There are many articles out there that highlight how one can effectively present themselves to potential employers.
Here’s some:

Hi Lisa, thank you very much for your suggestions, much appreciated!
I’ll try to make the changes you suggest, and look carefully through your links!
Thanks again!

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You’re welcome!
I can empathize as it’s tough when changing careers.

Hi! I really like your portfolio, the style is cool and there are great features like the dialog to download the skill-set or the images for navigation that flips. Just something I notice is that when reajusting the screen size there is a range where the “web frontend” and the “data analysis master” gets inside the professional experience section, you could take a look at that :wink:

Hola Clair, thanks so much for your feedback!
I fixed a few bugs, including the responsiveness you mentioned :slight_smile:
I peeked at your portfolio, and yours is great too! You made me discover getform, I will definetly need it in the near future! :smiley:

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Look at the contrast between the text and the background, using WAI ARIA.