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I found this project a bit difficult, because I kept getting sidetracked and focusing on the colour schemes and less-important design stuff rather than making it functional. I’m still not entirely happy with the colours, but it will have to do for now!

I’m calling it “complete” even though it isn’t - I haven’t chosen any different font-families from the default, and I didn’t add in any media-queries or much else in the way of responsive design.

The time it took me to “complete” this task spanned 9 or 10 weeks (only working on it 1, sometimes 2 days each week), which is the reason I decided I was done, because the things I haven’t added yet are things that I have done on other projects before, and I have practised the newer things I have learnt (in between falling down rabbit holes of colour schemes… :woman_facepalming:

My partner also tells me that I will learn other/better things later on that will make it easier for me to create something of a higher quality, i.e. that I am just wasting time, so onwards I go!

Here’s my code:
Here’s the outcome:

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