Personal portfolio website

I am taking the full stack course (currently learning Async JavaScript) and I have made this personal website of mine that you can visit on right now and check out the source code on my GitHub GitHub - odysseuskir/ These are the files for my website here. I haven’t used JavaScript, cause I don’t really know what to build with it. Open to any of your feedback :smiley:

The main banner with photo and your name is very modern looking, and it looks good. The mono-space font on everything else, with the neutral color scheme, looks vintage. It’s a neat aesthetic. But having both is inconsistent in style, and it kind of clashes. I would recommend picking one or the other style and go with that. Play with Google Fonts. Try out color schemes. The white on black headings alternating with cream text boxes is a bit jarring.

Overall, it’s clean and simple, and not over-designed, which is good. Cheers!

Thanks for your feedback! I think I will start getting into the “vintage” aesthetic since it’s what I like the most. I will also experiment with the color scheme.

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One more thing I thought of, is make use of max-width. If you have a large enough screen, you’ll notice Codecademy forums and articles are limited to the middle area. It’s difficult to read text that spans far across a big screen, so it’s nice to limit that. :slight_smile:

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