Personal Portfolio Website

Hi everyone,
I just completed the Personal Portfolio Project after about 2 days of work. I’m quite happy with the result but there are a few things that I am still struggling with.
I’d love to hear any feedback.

Thank you,

Live Site:


Hi Liam, this is an excellent site to produce in only a couple of days. As a fellow South African studying Code Academy it’s nice to see the ideas other people have come up with.

One thing to look at would be the responsiveness of the site at around the 1,000px width mark. Some of the text and images near the contact section are overlapping so you might want to change your @media settings to adjust things like the font size or positioning.

Also the facebook and youtube logos could be links as opposed to just pictures and take the user somewhere to learn more about you.

Looking good though.

Best of luck,

Thank you for the response, I really appreciate the feedback.
I’ll definitely take a look at those issues and try to resolve them.