Personal Portfolio Website

Hi, The link to my personal portfolio project is . Thanks for taking the time to look at my project. I’d love to hear your feedback.


Hi Kathleen,
Well done! Looks very clean and professional! Some thoughts:

  1. For me, the nav items sliding in from the right and the two different animations on your name on loading the page has a bit too busy of a look - I think you could do less and still have that ‘wow’ factor of the animation. Maybe having the name slide in first (in my opinion, in the same direction) and then the nav bar sliding in a second or so later would look cleaner?
  2. There’s a bit of horizontal scroll on my browser - I think this might have something to do with the fact that there’s a bit of white space to the left of your header. You might need to change the padding/margin of that element. If that doesn’t fix it, you might be able to do it with the viewport meta tag in your HTML.
  3. If you resize the browser, there’s a point just before the breakpoint where your picture gets stretched in a fairly comical way - obviously that isn’t terrible, but I think it might be a problem if you looked at the site in landscape on a tablet.
  4. Again, this might be a personal thing, but to me it feels weird that your images respond to mouseover but aren’t links. Also, the links return a 404 error at the moment - maybe you need to turn on the website sharing on your Github.
  5. The navbar items aren’t links, which I find a bit weird.

You can see my go at this project here if you like - I think your presentation is cleaner than mine, though! All the best in your continuing journey :slight_smile:

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Thanks Jon for all the comments. I will definitely have a look at the white space and re-sizing issues.
Thanks for highlighting that my links aren’t working. I was having a bit of a problem linking to my projects as they are existing repositories. I thought I had fixed the problem but will look into what’s gone wrong there. I agree re the mouseover and will change that too.

The navbar should be links and work when I view them - think the issue is the “clickable” part is sitting just above the actual text - maybe that will be rectified when I look at the white space issue.

I’ll have a look at your project as soon as I get a gap. Thanks again for the feedback. :smile:


Hi! Good job, it looks really clean and nice! :smile:

To add something to @jonrosk089 comments, maybe I would say:

  • I would recommend using more meaningful names for the classes. It may be good to use “container” (even if a more specific word like section may be better for future developement) but I don’t recommend using container1, container2 … what if you want to add another section in the middle? or a container that is not a section…?
  • Is it just me or the padding/margins/borders look weird being different sizes each?
  • The last thing is completely a personal thing but it feels weird to have the mail link not just in the icon but with a 100% width…

By the way, I really like your cooking club website! :wink:
If you want, you can visit my portfolio project here