Personal portfolio website: Invitation for feedback

Hi everyone, please take some time to look through my project and tell me what you think.

Took a few weeks to complete (phew!) and it wasn’t so easy lol. Went back and forth through my Codecademy learning to better understand certain concepts and a lot of googling was involved too haha…

Here’s the link

My github is where you can review the code for the project.

All feedback is welcome

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This is super clean, well done! I really like the responsiveness of the page, and the snap to the backsplash at the top of the page is extra cool! I couldn’t find much to comment on except there might be some capitalization issues in the About Me section. Specifically the CSS/Js spot, although this could all be personal preference.

The only other suggestion I would have is to maybe make more use of the empty space in the descriptions of the projects.

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Lol thanks for the feedback. To be honest I’ve always been a little confused as to what is the proper way to spell css. Is is Css or CSS? And I’ve always chose the latter because I thought it’s an abbreviation so all letters should be capitalised, so yeah I could say that was more a personal choice.

For the other suggestion, you’re right, too much empty space around the descriptions so maybe they could be centered.

Thanks very much again.

I think that the CSS is right, it’s the JS that I was thinking of. It’s confusing because CSS is three words so I think they should all be capitalized, but I see both letters of JS capitalized a lot even though they’re one word. Either way I think you could chalk that up to personal preference!