Personal Portfolio Website (Full Stack Engineering Portfolio Project)

Took me long enough to finish this project. For me, it’s kinda challenging but I didn’t give up. Did used up a few days for wireframing and researching. Feel free to give me some feedback, I really want to sharpen up my coding skill and get really deep into Web Development path. Here’s my link to my GitHub.

Here’s the live one :

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Hi, none of your links go to the portfolio website. The link just reproduces the README of your first github link, so there’s nothing to see.

Sorry for your inconvenience, I have taken down the site a few days ago. I want to refurbish my site to make it nicer.

It’s up if you want to see it.

The website looks great. Really nice.

You can adjust the contact form to be wider on mobile. Maybe it should take up to 95 - 100% of the screen.

Oh, thanks for recommending, I’ll do it soon. I’ll be adding some interactivity using JavaScript.