Personal Portfolio Website (Full Stack Engineering Portfolio Project)

Hi everybody,

Please feel free to leave a feedback about my new project: Personal Portfolio Website.

The project is 100% responsive and I used JS code to show more details about each portfolio item.

It took me almost 2 days to make it.

GitHub Files:

GitHub Pages Link: Personal Portfolio Website

I hope you enjoyed this project!


I like it!
I like that when one hovers over the skills they move to the front, or are highlighted (I don’t know the correct verbiage to describe that functionality). Do you think when one hovers over the particular skill, one could click on it and it would show an example of you utilizing that skill, perhaps? or, maybe have it link to one of your projects where you used that skill?
I also like how the projects are organized.

Oh, one typo at the bottom under “My Resume/Profile” it says “GirHub” rather than “GitHub”.
I also like the options under “Contact Me” for ‘I’m in no hurry’ and ‘urgent’. That’s clever and helps you organize your time on your end.

I wondered what your thoughts were on having an “About Me” section or a link to a page that gives a brief intro of you and the technology/things you’re interested in(?)

Hi @lisalisaj ,

Thank you for you feedback. You are too kind.

The functionality for the skills on hover is quite simple:

.skill:hover {
transform: scale(1.3);
transition: all .3s ease-in-out;
transform: scale(1.3); - is doing the hole thing.

I changed the GirHub to GitHub. Thanks. I missed it.

Regarding ‘About me’ section… maybe later when I have more to show (technologies/projects). I just started my course (Full-Stack Path).

I working now on: Jump menu with active class and smooth scroll. Is having different nav color on active menu/section. The problem is that on is working, but locally, GitHub and is not working. I have to figure out why.

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Some of these examples for an About Me page are a little corny, but you get the general idea.

Thanks! Very useful. :blush: