Personal Portfolio Website. Front-End Engineer 43% complete

Hi everyone,
I’ve created a personal portfolio website for the course Front-End Engineer (currently 43% complete). I’ve encountered some challenges, particularly with the canvas.
Please check it out on GitHub: GitHub - malbajones/portfolio: portfolio MJ
And here’s the live website:
Your honest feedback and constructive advice are welcome and much needed. Thanks in advance for your time and input! Malba


Looks great! Seems like there is still more work to be done. Not sure if this is a background issue or a box-shadow, but on your other pages might look better if the corners of the white lines were cut to give it more of a shadow effect.

Love the moving vector system gif. It does seem like there is still a lot of empty space on the homepage besides the center piece. Maybe include a short bio about yourself in the home page. Looks like you took a lot of inspiration from Keith Yamata; so did I.

I would love feedback on my site as well if you have the time:
Namecheap seems to be updating my site pretty lethargically so if it looks messed up check out my GitHub:

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Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback on my website! I truly appreciate your input. I’m glad you liked the overall design, and I completely agree with your suggestions.

I’m also grateful that you enjoyed the moving vector system gif. I understand your point about the empty space on the homepage. Incorporating a short bio about myself is an excellent suggestion to make the homepage more engaging and personal. I’ll definitely work on filling that space with meaningful content.

I checked out your website, and I must say, I love your design. It’s great to see how you as well have taken inspiration from Keith Yamata and added your own unique touch to it.

Thank you again for your valuable feedback, and best of luck with your own website endeavors! If you have any more suggestions or if there’s anything specific you’d like me to look at on your site, please feel free to let me know.