Personal Portfolio Website - CSS Flexbox, Responsive Interactive, Javascript - Feedback

Hello all,

This is my outcome for this portfolio website, took almost 3days to get here. Pls will appreciate every review and feedback.

Live Site: https:

Codes here :

Thank you


I am definitely unexperienced to comment on it, but I like it. Seems to be responsive enough, maybe went a bit too much with CSS Customisation ? Still looks Cool&Slick. Colors seem to be working well & they’re soft for my eyes :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

About Me
Not sure why you made a little game, that people have to hover over the Picture just in order to see your full name :grimacing:
I would maybe add some breaks to the text? So that it looks more compact/easier to read. The amount of the text seems to be reasonable :+1: You will probably change it overtime though.

Awesome that your Projects are really easy to notice, people don’t have to scroll too much to find them.
Again those :hover animations might be overkill? People might just want to click the Button to head to the Project, and the image just pops out, and you have to catch that button again :grimacing:

Maybe add a Contact form, from which can people instantly send you an Email? I remember when that was a fun thing to build on my Portfolio :+1:

Hope that my feedback make some sense. Again I am not a professional, just trying to provide some feedback. Overall I’d try harder on the Projects, to make them look as polished as possible (and functional of course). And I’d keep the Portfolio simple. Because I doubt that people will often come to it and spend a vas majority of their time on it.
I read a Book for the content in it, not for its Cover :thinking:

I am sure that others could provide you with a much better feedback :v:

Best of luck to you @ajax5074693856



Thank you so much for your feedback, I have now commented out the animations. Also I had to add a simple javascript as the project required one. I will surely add a contact form soon. :+1:


Hi @ajax5074693856,

This looks really good on my mobile phone. Nice work. Your code looks clean too. :ok_hand:


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Thank you, just trying my best in this new found career. cheers !!!


Pretty good UI overall except the color choices are counter-intuitive. Maybe if you stick to a single color with different tints, maybe reds, or blues, or greens. In your website, it looks that you have chosen blues, but you have included other colors that contrast and collide with blue eg. yellow. Maybe if you switched yellow to light-blue then it would look good.

About Me
Pros: Very good division in columns and very nice bio.

Cons: The about section is a tiny bit confusing: What are you trying to accomplish with this:

I am … (visit your left)

And at the same time not show your name until you hover over the picture? Make sure you understand why you are coding something before you actually write the code. Also make sure that you include a few <br> tags to

Pros: The layout is fantastic and really shows that you understand flexbox, grid display, and maybe even bootstrap with the card formats: Nice and compact, simple and elegant.

Cons: The “more to be added soon…” is out of place unfortunately: I would like to see it below all of the projects, while centered and in italics. Maybe when even more projects are shown you can add a

“1: 1… 2… 3… 25
previous | next”

so that you can still display your projects in a more compact form,

Digital Skills
Pros: You really seem to have mastered hovering, since the hovers over the icons are stellar.

Cons: No need for the text above the icons. Also is codecademy a skill?

Contact Me
Pros: Nice content and arrangment

Cons: Maybe instead of displaying your email, you can replace it with something like this:

<a href="" target="_blank">{Icon of some sort}</a>

And arrange it so that GitHub logo is on top of the email logo. Maybe even add a Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube account so that users can contact you via any social media.

Pros: Just the perfect info for a footer.

Cons: Maybe changing the background color to a dark color and add some padding to the top and bottom would be good

Pros: All around great ordering, content, and interactability:

Cons: Maybe add a CV section for companies and also have separate pages for the navbar section.

Overall great website and I look forward to updates!

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Thank you so much for your feedback, will take everything into consideration, but some conflicting feedbacks, some people prefer this, others prefer that. But will in total look to progressing it. :+1:

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Don’t aim to please everybody, impossible. We are all learning here.
Heck, I don’t even have a Portfolio up&running atm. so you’re miles ahead of me.

Remember to tap yourself on the shoulder sometimes :slightly_smiling_face:


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Thank you, much appreciated. :clap:

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