Personal Portfolio v.1.0 done

Please take a look at my personal portfolio. It took me about a week to finish it. It wasn’t always easy but a lot of fun and worth the effort. If you have some Feedback for me i’d be grateful. :slight_smile:

Here is the link to my site:

and here to my GitHub Repository:
GitHub - Louis-Gr/personal-portfolio


Very cool, love it! Maybe you can get the email png to fill in completely?
I hope to be able to make one soon~

Thank you for your feedback! Do you have an idea, how i could do that? :sweat_smile:

You notice the LI and instagram icons also contract a bit in the corners. That’s because there is a slight border radius on them on the hover in the css. If you reduce it down to say 2px or so that disappears, but not the one on the email cause it’s a rectangle, not a square. The “easy” might be to find a square image of the email icon. The other way is well, I have no idea but maybe define a new css class just for that shape and set the border height if possible? :smiley: